ENGLISH: This is my CV. But it does not mean I am locking for a job. I am really happy with my current company. I just find it is the best way to present my experience, and I already have this document anyway.

ПО-РУССКИ: Это моё резюме. Тот факт, что я его публикую - не значит что я ищу новую работу. "Нас и тут неплохо кормят". Прото это такой способ написать о том кем я работаю и к тому же у меня уже есть этот документ.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER (over 10 years of experience)


I am a software engineer with 12 years experience in the industry, mostly at Lead or Senior engineer level. I have played a leading role in full product life-cycles, as both a technical lead and as a manager. I work well in a team, and have found it rewarding leading teams of up to 8 engineers. I have focused on system software throughout my career, and to develop this expertise I have extended my knowledge and skills in a number of supporting areas.


March 2005 - present: Alternatives Technologies Parma Inc. (Laval, QC, Canada)
Senior Software Developer
Technical planning and leadership for the development of a real time laboratory and warehouse environmental monitoring system. Key role in engineering and development of “cold chain” monitoring solutions. Currently these systems are installed used by all largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and laboratories in Canada and USA.

  • Development of System structure, Database structure, Data protection algorithms, Protocols and interfaces to comply with GxP and CFR 21 part 11.
  • Writing Win32 Services and hybrid applications for real-time data processing.
  • Implementation of ActiveX controls to communicate with different types of data loggers via web interface.
  • Writing database automatic backup/restore/verification subsystems for MySQL, MS SQL.
  • Implementation of support libraries for RFID and 1-Wire sensors. (Delphi 7).
  • Implementation of 1-Wire protocol libraries for Palm OS (Pocket Studio).
  • Project planning and management.

August 2002 - March 2005: GoNet Media Inc. (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Senior Software Developer
Design and Development of distributed, autonomous Telemetry, Alarm and Security systems.

  • Development of System structure, Database structure, Protocols and interfaces.
  • Project management.
  • Implementation of Client\Server software.
  • System’s support, modifications and adaptation according to customer’s requirements.
  • Design and development of web portals, web stores and other web applications. (PHP)

September 2001 - August 2002: Clockmedia Inc. (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Software Developer
Development of Real-time Gambling software (Multiplayer Poker, Multiplayer Bingo) and web based online casino games:

  • Design of communication protocols.
  • Development of Windows gambling clients.
  • Programming gambling applications with Macromedia Flash using Borland Delphi.
  • WinSock programming.
  • Design of transaction system.
  • Development of “installer software” and “automatic update software”.

August 1997 - June 2001: Kharkov Department of Main Gas Pipelines (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Automatic control system engineer
Development of SCADA (Supervision Control and Data Acquisition) systems for Ukrainian natural gas transportation system:

  • Design of communication protocols.
  • Development of communication software for remote control of flomiters (RF modems).
  • Implementing OPC for RTU Modbus.
  • Design of SCADA end-user interfaces.

Call handling systems development (Automated Phone System):

  • Development of communication software using TAPI.
  • Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition system development.

Development of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) using MapInfo 4.0, ArcView, MapBasic. Development of NMEA communication software to GPS (Global Position Systems) receivers. Client-server applications development for Microsoft SQL-server and Paradox databases.

July 1996 - September 1999: “Vega” Inc. (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Data transmission systems engineer.
Development of SCADA systems:

  • Software design for telemetry systems of natural gas distribution stations.
  • Development of software for remote control system of offshore drilling platforms.

Embedded systems development:

  • Programming PLC.
  • Development of software for industrial controllers (Ocatgon MicroPC, Nudam, Motorolla MOSCAD).
  • Design firmware for flomiters.
  • PIC-Controllers (MicroChip) programming.


1992-1998: National Aerospace University (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Master's Degree in Computer Science (Automatic control and Information processing systems).

1998: Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center (Kiev, Ukraine)
Microsoft Certificated Professional (Windows NT Server + Internet).


I have a strong track record in development and successful project delivery. This includes lots work from hardware and software design conception to general manufacturing release and beyond. In recent years most of my development work has been focused on engineering of remote monitoring and automatic remote control solutions with wide usage of web technologies.

  • Programming languages: Delphi 1-2009, PHP, C/C++, VB, Assembler.
  • Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScrit, ActionScript.
  • Web design tools: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, Corel Draw.
  • Database severs: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle.
  • Operating Systems: Windows (all versions), Linux (Ubuntu), Palm OS.